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Wiring Kit for 12V Fridge 50ft -10gauge wire


50’ Marine Grade Wire-  For 12V power supply on RV fridges-  This kit has the wire, resettable breaker and battery terminals included to supply a new 12V power supply line from the coach battery to the fridge compartment.   (Premeasure your coach to determine your wire length needed)

                   About this item

  • Made of tinned copper to improve the stability, conductivity, corrosion resistance and effective anti-circuit interference of the cable.
  • Special customed PVC insulations that can effectively prevent wire oxidation, salt waterproof corrosion, high temperature resistance, gasoline, battery acid and abrasion.
  • Operating voltage rate up to 600V, working temperature up to 150 deg dry, 75 deg wet.
  • Standard UL 1426 boat wire, meet SAE ABYC specifications boat cable that can used for marine environments.
  • Electrical copper cable that used in lighting systems, boat applications, automotive applications, household circuit systems and other daily environments, and can also be used in extreme environments such as rivers, lakes, solar applications and marine.


Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 6 in