Manufacturer of the Amish RV Cooling Unit

Our Dutch Aire Cooling Units have gained some popularity and are often referred to as the Amish RV Cooling Unit. We have risen in popularity because our refrigeration units are superior alternatives to the factory installed models.

Take a good look at the RV replacement refrigeration units we produce. The craftsmanship put into every step is clearly defined. Our upgraded refrigeration units are designed to reflect the system found on residential refrigerators and will provide performance you expect. Upgrade with us and ensure years of full comfort.

We have Dutch Aire upgrades for many of the Dometic and Norcold units that come factory installed in recreational vehicles. Check out our products page to find your upgraded unit. We perform factory installations at JC Refrigeration, or you may install yourself.

We offer a 3-year hassle-free warranty and an additional 3 year warranty available

to purchase on all cooling units along with fast and friendly customer service.

This thick walled, high quality steel tube has been formed and is ready to install into our cooling unit mold.
Like handcrafted furniture, all of our welds are hand made assuring the best quality… we do not use robotic welding.
All units are individually tested in a heat room measuring the temperature on the freezer tube for quality control.
All cooling units are tested after going through the paint line as an additional measure of performance assurance.

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