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Norcold 6182/6183 Hvac 12V DC Replacement Unit (New)


This unit fits: Norcold 6182 and 6183  This Replacement unit will convert your gas/elect RV refrigerator into a freon charged compressor cooling unit, like a residential refrigerator.  The Hvac unit uses about 66% less power than the absorption unit uses on the electric setting.  Power usage: 7.5 amps at 12V (90 watts)

You will need approx. 7 3/4″ from back of fridge to outside of side vent (picture is an example of a unit that has 8 3/4″) if less space is available email us for side vent modification info.


This unit comes with: installation manual, foam sealant, thermal mastic, foil tape, freezer/fin screws, LP gas plug, and interior frost-free fin fan, basically everything needed to do the install, no additional parts needed.        


The 12V wiring on your coach might have to be upgraded to a 10 gauge wire to handle the load of the compressor.  Wiring kits available

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Power usage: 7.5 amps at 12V (90 watts)

Additional information

Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 61 × 22 × 8 in


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