Norcold 1200 Helium charged gas/elect unit ( R C T )


this unit fits: 1200 1201      this is a Helium filled cooling unit, this application has the safety feature of a non-explosive gas, Note: if your travels will be in areas to exceed 100F or more this unit is not recommended, helium is slower then Hyd and the recovery is slower. 100F or less this unit will function as well as our regular Hyd model      This unit comes with: Thermal Mastic, sealant foam, silver tape

if your fridge is older then 10 yrs old we highly recommend changing out your 2 heating elements, 2 ventilation fans  LP Burner, and a interior fin fan which will make it run more efficient and keeps your ice defrosted off the fins, see our 1200 install package  for better pricing 

* if you do not change out your heating elements, make sure and match up your heating elements to the pic to order the correct model, (1200 model 90 deg angle — 1210 model 45 deg angle )

*please note if your fridge is in a slide out, you are required to remove all air baffling on the top side vent and adding a slide out fan kit for proper ventilation and warranty purposes

questions or concerns: email     informational forum    install video


Additional information

Weight155 lbs
Dimensions66 × 33 × 16 in