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Step #10

Attach Fin Fan to aluminum fin by pushing in the stainless-steel clips on both sides of the fan housing and clipping them onto the fin, most fridges will start to cool towards the right side, the fan should be clipped towards the right side or wherever your frost...

Step #9

 Insert the end of the wire thru the defrost tray hole (RA) first then push most of the wire thru the defrost hose (YA) going out the back to the outside. It helps to have someone on the outside shaking the defrost hose to get the wire to push thru. Some variations on...

Step #8

 Make sure the exterior end of the hose is clear,  (YA) Norcold  (RA) Dometic – most have a small plug that needs to be taken off and left off

Step #6

slide defrost tray out away from back of fridge, variations in tray size and configurations dependent on models                    Norcold ( TOP Pic ) Dometic ( Bottom Pic )

Step #5

(Norcold) remove top shelf (YA) on some Norcolds trim pcs will have to be removed in order to remove shelf (RA). (Dometic) shelves can stay in place