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Step #15

Now your fin fan is wired and should have power to your fans, you can now turn your fan on using the manual fan switch (YA), the switches are not always wired the same so up might be off on some while down might be off on others, toggle the switch to turn it on and...

Step #14

If your fridge is a Norcold you will need to use the scotch locks (YA) included and attach fin fan wire to your coach 12V power wires making sure to put red wire to positive and black wire to ground, use pliers to crimp down connecter after fin fan wires have been...

Step #13

If your fridge is a Dometic you can find this wire hookup and loosen the 12V wires using a flat screwdriver and then adding the fin fan wire making sure to put red to positive and black to ground (RA)    

Step #12

This is what it should look like coming out of your defrost hose (RA), strip back the end again using the wire stripper  (YA)

Step #11

Going to the back side of the fridge thru your lower side vent, find your 12V wires coming from your coach going to your control board, make sure you are aware of which one is the 12V positive and which one Is 12V ground. Wire colors and wire hookup will vary from...