Electric Model Testimonials

We take great pride in doing quality work for our customers. It’s more than a business practice, it’s a way of life. Take a look at what a few of our customers have to say about their experience with us and their all electric units. We believe you’ll experience the same level of service.

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“Hi JR,

We want to take this opportunity to Thank You for correcting the problem with both our 2016 and 2018 Norcold refrigerators. You took the time to explain what the problems were, what the options were and recommended the best solutions – ever thought your recommendations were less expensive.  

The 2018 Norcold would not keep ice cream frozen and the temperature in the refrigerator would sometimes go above 48 degrees. You recommended we go with all electric. We were very hesitant but went with your recommendation since you did not lead us astray with correcting the problems with the 2016 refrigerator.  We are ecstatic with the results!!  With the all electric refrigerator drawing less than one amp our solar panels can keep our batteries fully charged.  With the setting on 2 our ice cream stays hard and the temperature in the refrigerator runs between 34 and 39 degrees even on hot sunny 85 degree days.

We have found you to be the most honest business person we have dealt with in a long time and when given the opportunity we make people aware of JC Refrigeration and tell them about the outstanding work JR and sons do.”

Charles & Barbara Anderson

JR, Just to let you know that our new Hvac upgrade is working very nicely. The ice-cream is solid like my wife Kathy likes. Setting is 3. Even on 9 before the ice-cream was not doing well.

My icemaker is now making ice fast enough for me to think about opening an ice making business.

Should have replaced the unit a long time ago.  Thank you!

Keith Grindle

Just wanted to pass on our appreciation for your quality workmanship and professionalism. Our new Hvac cooling unit is working perfectly, I had to back off the temperature setting because it was too cold. Your design and equipment are superb and your installation could not have been better, we really appreciate the care you showed by protecting the interior of our coach so well and then cleaning up afterwards, the woodwork and trim was not damaged or marked whatsoever. The quick professional service is quite impressive, I wish more businesses were ran like yours! It was a real pleasurable experience and we thank you so much. I will definitely recommend JC.
Ron & Bridget Tate

Frig is working great … Temp goes to -10 in freezer … Many thanks … Went to a rally over the  weekend and you have 2/3 customers headed your way this summer for the new Hvac system.
James Brown

“Hi JR,

I have the Norcold 1200 series refrigerator and it has never really kept ice cream frozen and milk cold and along with the fact that I had to fix the ‘recall’ fix twice, my satisfaction with the unit was non-existent. After 12 years I wanted to get rid of the propane but changing to a residential unit would be a huge effort. I researched my options and found your company and products online and reached out to you. You returned my message immediately (which was awesome) and in speaking with you at length, I decided that the new HVAC unit you now offer was the option I was looking for to eliminate the propane. The unit arrived in 5 days in perfect condition as promised. I decided to install the unit myself after speaking with you and it was as easy as you explained. The installation video’s on your website are great step by step guidance and you were kind enough on a Saturday afternoon to take my call when we had a couple of questions and walked us through it easily. The unit went in perfectly and it runs better than it ever has – quiet and cold. It only took the fridge a few hours to cool down (propane took at least a day) and the ice cream is solid.

Best decision I have made was putting your HVAC unit in and your support and follow up was outstanding. Anyone wanting a residential type fridge should really consider this option as it is a great alternative to propane (eliminates the worries with the Norcold recall).

Thank you again JR for your help and support and your integrity speaks for itself. Should anyone like to speak with a truly satisfied customer, I am always available.”

Mark Matta